Property maintenance plans

If you are tired of having unkempt trees, feel free to come and visit us. Whether you seek to have a stump grinded, a tree removed, branches pruned or trimmed shrubs, our team of experts will listen to your desired needs and give you the realistic views to it. We aim at giving the best and safest services while still conserving the environment. If the trees being attended to are close to water catchment areas, we will ensure that the water flow will not be affected. Some of the services we offer to our clients include

Tree services

Our property maintenance plans consist of a full evaluation of your property such as pruning trees, insect and disease control and fertilization. We will also make recommendations

Tree services

To maintain their trees a little annually to add to the value of your property and keep tree work prices reasonable. It is advisable to note that most unkempt trees will cost much more during maintenance.

Tree services

We encourage our clients to maintain their trees a little annually to add to the value of your property and keep tree work prices reasonable. It is advisable to note that most unkempt trees will cost

Tree Service

Insect and disease control

At the first signs of noticing a tree or shrub in decline a professional should be called. By decline, we mean spots on leaves, excessive leaf or bark loss or perhaps unusually light foliage. It is imperative to take action as soon as possible. It is important that the correct procedure and steps be taken since some trees and shrubs are more prone to disease that others. Also, this steps should be taken at certain seasons in the year when the risk of disease and insect damage is most prevalent. We have collaborated with insect management companies who keep us well informed of which insects and diseases are most active in your area and the best methods to control them, we also offer liquid fertilization to help provide ailing trees and shrubs with nutrients they need. A small fee can also be paid to have your soil tested for pH and nutrient levels.

Storm damage

We believe that the best way to minimize storm damage is to keep your trees healthy and pruned. Although during severe weather conditions damage can still occur, this will be very minimal compared to if the trees had not been attended to earlier. In case of bad weather and we receive too many calls, we do the most important jobs first such as trees blocking driveways or trees on roofs then other jobs in the order in which they were received. If the trees falling have caused serious accidents, we also have ambulances that can rush the injured to the nearest hospitals. Use any of the numbers provided below to reach us at any time of the day.

Tree services

Cabling and bracing of tree limbs

Cabling and bracing helps support structurally weak crotches to minimize storm damage that can cause injury and property damage. The hole is drilled in each limb and lag or through bolt will be inserted. A steel cable and self-holding cable ends are then installed to finish the job. Cabling is an important precautionary measure to preserve the overall structural health of a tree.

Tree services

Lot clearing

Thinking of clearing up your wooded lot or thinning it to allow in more sun? We will consult with you on which tress are better to remove and which ones are the better ones to keep. This process in called selective clearing. We also do clearing for new homes, pools and decks.

Stump grinding

After removal of a tree, the stump can be ground below the surface using our grinding machine. Stumps that have not been ground make the surrounding have a non-pleasant look and are also a mowing hazard. We grind stumps that are 7-12 inches below grade. Debris is neatly raked into a pile where the stump had been. For an extra charge, we can remove the debris and provide the soil and seeds. Our grinder is light enough for lawns and narrow enough to fit through most gates. Get in touch with us for more details on the services we offer.

Call us on 630-964-2478 for more information on the tree services we offer and to also know how much they will cost you.