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February 2011 Meeting: cfWheels presented by John C Bland II


Our old friend John C Bland II (http://www.fastkast.com) will be presenting on the ColdFusion Framework cfWheels (http://cfwheels.org)

cfWheels is one of my favorite new ColdFusion frameworks, built around the idea that frameworks should make our lives easier and conventions over configuration files (no XML files!)

John is one of our best speakers and one of the smartest guys on the planet. I highly recommend attending. He will be presenting via Adobe Acrobat Connect from Texas, so if you REALLY can't be with us for the meeting shoot me an email and I'll send the meeting room URL once we have it setup.

If you can make it in person, please shoot me(alan.rother [at] gmail dot com) a quick RSVP email so I can get a headcount for Pizza.

Here is the Acrobat Connect link for the meeting if you cannot make it in person



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