August 2011 Meeting: Dave Ferguson on ColdFusion Application Intrusion Detection


On August 24th 2011, we have Dave Ferguson who is going to talk to us about an interesting facet of web site security, how he detected and thwarted a real life hacker, and what we can do as developers.

Here is Dave's description of what he has to share:


When there was just a browser the attack vectors on a system were simple.  But, with mobile, AIR, and now set top development, the number of vectors is growing.  This in itself is not the issue.  The problem is that for most applications security is an after thought.  If any security is added it is usually to protect form submission.

In this session we will look at the anatomy of an attack.  We will dissect an application that was attacked and how it was done.  We discuss good and bad practices on what will and will not work when protecting your application.   We will look at ways to know you are being attacked as well as how to track an intrusion.


Dave Ferguson is an Adobe Community Professional (ACP). He puts on a weekly show, the CFHour Podcast and he works for Disney in California. Dave presented this topic at CF.Objective() 2011 a couple months ago, so that should be an indicator that it's really, really good.

As usual we'll be meeting at UAT in Tempe at 6:30 in the theater and we plan to bring in Pizza, so make sure to RSVP

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