tree maintenance

Tree trimming


The costs of tree services and maintenance will depend on several factors including

  • The height of the tree
  • The width/diameter if the tree
  • The type of tree as some take much more effort than others

Tree cutting can be a very expensive affair as it will include a lot of equipment and the logic on how the tree will fall. At an extra cost, we can turn your cut tree into other useful products like fire wood.

Pest and disease identification

We identify diseases and pests that would be affecting your trees whenever we come to give any tree services. In case you suspect your trees have been infected, you can reach us through the contacts provided to get full evaluation about the disease. Characteristics showing that your trees are infected include yellowing of the leaves or tree parts falling of unseasonably. after your trees and shrubs.

Why we discourage tree topping

Many myths have been said about tree topping. It is however important to note that tree topping is dangerous and will bring problems like

  • Starvation. Good pruning exercises will rarely remove 1/3 of the crown which does not seriously interfere with ability of a trees leafy crown to manufacture food. Topping however removes so much crown upsetting an older tree well developed crown temporarily cutting off food making ability.
  • Weak new growth. Branches that sprout after topping are weakly attached than the naturally developed branch. Rot in this situation will make the tree growth even worse.
  • Insects and diseases. Large stubs of topped tree have a difficult time sealing. Thus, the stubs are highly vulnerable to insect invasion and decay.
  • The type of tree as some take much more effort than others
  • Rapid new growth. The goal of topping is usually to control the height and spread of a tree. This will however not happen as the tree vigorously re-sprout. The resulting sprouts are far more numerous than the normal new growth and they elongate so rapidly that the trees returns to its original height in a very short time.


Any tree that has mulching compared to one without would perform better in terms of growth and greening. Mulching adds value because

It keeps of weed that are known for competing for root space with trees. We highly advocate for proper spacing of roots in order for them to have enough water for them to absorb.

Mulching also adds value by retaining water that keeps the soil moist even on very sunny days. The moist roots will therefore penetrate through the soil easily promoting faster growth.

Mulch also insulates the soil preventing it from heat that would cause evaporation of water in the soil at the same time preventing cold temperature that are not favorable for germination.

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