tree removal

Tree removal equipment.

We advise any tree owner to have the basic tree maintenance equipment in case of minor issues or emergencies. A simple saw for cutting smaller trees is a must have for homes with trees. However, if this is not possible, you can reach us and we will come with more powerful equipment like electric chain saw and gas chain saw to come and cut down the trees. We have a well-trained group of professionals who will carefully bring down the trees. Our fleet of vehicles is on standby waiting for your call.

Licenses and insurance

This is a very essential requirement for all tree service providers. We are fully insured against damages or accidents. Before beginning the process, we ensure our clients have copies of the insurance documents as a way of assurity. Our company is fully certified by the relevant authorities to run the tree removal services.

Reasons to remove a tree stump

We do not get the logic of having an ugly tree stump in your compound after the hustle of having a tree cut down. A tree stump makes the compound look less attractive than it was initially. The tree stumps are very prone to weed growth after a short period of time especially after a rainy period. The tree stumps also use up space that can be dedicated for other uses. Tree stumps should be removed because of

  • They are prone to house dangerous animals like snakes and rats
  • Water trapped in the stumps encourage mosquito breeding
  • Can easily be tripped over as they are mostly covered by long grass or weeds that make them invisible
Tree removal

Tree stump removal techniques

In case you have to cut down a tree yourself, ensure you have the proper gear and it is all working in good order. You should seek professional advice if you are unsure of which side the tree will fall. Once you are ready to go you can follow these steps to safely cut down your tree:

  • Determine how tall the tree is
  • Based on the height, decide on the direction you want it to fall
  • Clear the area of the fall zone from any debris or anything that could be damaged
  • Tie one end of the rope to the tree at either the middle or above the middle
  • Hand the other end to your friend helping you out
  • Cut a v shape on both sides until both sides meet up, advice your friend to pull the tree on the desired side and walk to a safe distance at 45 degrees.

For professional advice and expert tree care, reach us on the numbers provided